[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: rhythmbox: gstreamer vs xine

Hi Thomas,

> I'll be sad to not see Rhythmbox in Red Hat 8.1.  While it was far
> from finished, I was looking forward to at least being able to
> recommend it to a whole bunch of people I know, and at the college
> radio I also work at in my spare time (they moved to RH exclusively
> last year, finally).

Just curious... you said that rhythmbox won't be in RH 8.1 and, if i
understood it right, that is because the dependency on libxine, right?

well, this is something that really puzzles me: redhat removed xine,
xmms mp3 support and other (?) software from their distro because of
patent issues. now it is including gstreamer and multimedia stuff back
in? how is that possible?

i never tried gstreamer, so maybe the core itself doesn't contain any
patented code (so in this case it should only be able to play ogg, vp3?)
or is redhat disabling some parts on compilation?

i would love to see that problems with patents solved, as well seeing
gnome/kde/redhat/mandrake/suse/whatever users enjoying high quality
multimedia experience. i just don't know what would be the point in
including packages in a cripped form (like not being able to play mp3,
because like we or not it's a de fact standard).



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