Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: rhythmbox: gstreamer vs xine

> That's something that's possible pretty easily, if we split up xine-lib
> to allow that. The main problem would be to identify which plugins are
> "free" and which ones are problematic wrt. Copyrights and Patents.

Well, we could let xine-lib include the same plug-ins as Red Hat
distribute for Gstreamer. Then we can ask Red Hat if there are other
plug-ins they think are OK to distribute and add these as well.

> Totem already contains code to warn you if the video or audio isn't
> supported. Would just need to add a mention of where to get a
> full-fledged version.

That is really great! Does it also mention what type (codec-wise) is

We really need a page where we could distribute
plug-ins for xine, gstreamer and xmms. That would make it all a lot
easier for people. :)

"You are needing the »MP3 (xine)« codec in order to play the current
file. For a list of extra plug-ins, please visit


Kenneth Rohde Christiansen <>

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