Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: rhythmbox: gstreamer vs xine

Hi Thomas,

>> i never tried gstreamer, so maybe the core itself doesn't contain any
>> patented code (so in this case it should only be able to play ogg,
>> vp3?) or is redhat disabling some parts on compilation?
> Right, the core does just data handling.  As for how to actually disable
>  plug-ins, any of
> a) not having the right deps
> b) disabling through configure
> c) just not listing them in the spec
> will do, so it's really easy to only distribute plugins you want to
> distribute.

so you have probably never tried xine either because you are describing
exactly the same ways a plugin can be disabled in libxine! ;)

> So, I don't mind.  But of course, it sucks that a standard Red Hat
> install  won't allow you to play lots of the media that's out there.
> But what can  you do ? It's the patents that are the problem here.

well, nothing i guess. the xine project, for example, does not provides
any binaries to avoid that kind of mess. of course, there are several
third party packages out there (including some distros).

> As for how to solve it - that's easy.  We can provide the missing
> plug-ins, and as long as we can, we will :) Basically, just copying the
> .so file should be enough anyway.  And we'll be making rpms and debs as
> well.

again, the same is true for xine. the plugins are shared libraries and
engine doesn't know anything about them. they can be
added/removed/packaged as you wish...



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