Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Yet another user interface proposal

Il lun, 2003-02-03 alle 20:15, Jorn Baayen ha scritto: 
> I had a new ui idea though, based on the glade file Luca sent.. I guess
> I'm on crack, but I'm posting it anyway:
Yeah, probably the more simple way to change the list is to use an
external dialog. 
So you can keep simple the main window and at the same time maximize the
performed actions. 

Just a couple of notes: 
        * the "Add" widget should be placed out from the "player area",
          cause it isn't a playing related, but a list related widget
        * from HIG > Contols > Options menu: "Do not initiate an action
          when the user selects an item from an option menu". So we
          can't open a dialog :-(
> The idea is that you have the main window with a playlist (playlist
> loading/saving happens via the menus), and you can add whole albums to
> it via the '+' button. I added an arrow next to it, so that you can also
> chose an 'add song' button to add single songs. As you can see, it's
> pretty much entirely different from what we have now. I haven't thought
> to iradio yet, though...
Or we can load initially all library, and use a "filter" button/widget
(with a very good label/description) 

So if you want just have music in background you don't need to load
anything, and if you want a particular album/song nothing changes. 

Results: -1 action for "background music", no difference for "exact

> I guess this design would work very well for me, since I mostly play
> whole albums, and occasionally I want to listen to a single song. Now I
> can just click '+', type the name of the album i want, hit return and
> i'm playing it. But I'm not so sure this design will work very well for
> single-song people..
Probably working on single dialogs. BTW: the search entry is great, I
love it, but.... how many "dummies" like to move hand from mouse to
keyboard? OK, it's true, you can do anything without mouse, but how many
people save docs using Ctrl-S? 

I'm saying: just a memo, the mouse interaction should be simple and
complete, users shouldn't need to use keyboard too.

> This design is also, in a sense, similar to xmms: in xmms, at least that
> is what i did, i have all of my music loaded. When i want to play
> something i press 'j', gives me the jump to dialog, and i type the name
> of the album or song I want. So very much like this one, except that
> instead of jumping you add stuff to the playlist here: which gives us
> the queuing we want.
you said: all music loaded :-) 

Oh, I rearranged the glade file. See attach

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