Re: [Fwd: Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Yet another user interfaceproposal]

Il mar, 2003-02-04 alle 07:27, Colin Walters ha scritto:
> > From: Luca Ferretti <>
> > 
> > I feel separate windows (with different and dedicated widgets)
> Could you expand on this?  You'd have separate play buttons, menu
> and everything in separate toplevel windows for both iradio and the
> library?

Yeah, something like this. It's only a personal feeling.

Ideally we should support at least music files, Audio CD and iradio,
isn't it?

I don't know how an iradio works, but the only shared interface element
is the play button :-). 
If iradio works as a plain FM/AM radio you can't use shuffle, no repeat,
no slider.
Just a simple Connect/Disconnect (or Play/Stop), a list of
available/saved stations and something to view current station.
And jump to next or previous station in list is a not-so-needed feature.

Same for audio CD. Here we have all playing widgets, but don't the
"filter" widgets needed by music files in HD. Just an "Import CD" button
to rip, or similar. And you don't need to repeat the album title in each
list entry: 1 cd = 1 title. But you can need a good track editor, if
there are no (or wrong) info from CDDB/musicbrainz)
BTW magicdev handles audio cd, so you can start the cd-player just
inserting the media.

I said : take a look to evolution. Place all "sources" in the same
window is the first cause to the interface's changes. 
IMHO is better (much much much better) to have a mail program in its
window, a calendar program in its window, a contact program in its
window (so you can use it from messaging or word processor) and a good
way to interact: i.e. to end this activity I need this mail, this
contact, this file.

But here we are speaking about a music player :-) So we need a way to
stop a playing source when start another, or switching between sources,
or to import/export files....

I don't know if it's right. It's just a personal feeling, I said.

But it's a good way to keep simple the interface and minimize the
changing elements. See the glade attach: starting from the same idea, I
"customize" the interface to what I suppose an iRadio player need (It's
a quick hack ;-))

Oh. obviously I'm speaking about the end-user app, don't about a
multimedia library as monkey-media.
Think bigger

			My uncle


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