Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] release

On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 14:19, Jorn Baayen wrote:

> about your monkeymedia patch - I wont apply it, sorry, because we really
> need to wait for the autoplugger to be fixed before release. 

Ok then, I have rolled monkey-media into the branch; it is no longer an
external dependency.  I applied my iradio patch there, and I also went
ahead and added a further hack for the typefinding stuff, which you may
want to use for monkey-media HEAD.  Basically we try to get the mime
type from gnome-vfs itself and use that.

It is a bit difficult to extricate as it's mixed in with my other patch,
but here's the relevant code, in case you want to use it too:

	while (!mp->priv->have_type) {
		if (!gst_bin_iterate (GST_BIN (mp->priv->typefind_pipeline))) {
			GnomeVFSFileInfo *info = gnome_vfs_file_info_new ();
			char *unesc;
			if (gnome_vfs_get_file_info (uri, info,
			    == GNOME_VFS_OK)
				if (info->valid_fields & GNOME_VFS_FILE_INFO_FIELDS_MIME_TYPE)
					mp->priv->have_type = TRUE;
					mp->priv->type = g_strdup (info->mime_type);
					gnome_vfs_file_info_unref (info);
			gnome_vfs_file_info_unref (info);
			unesc = gnome_vfs_unescape_string_for_display (uri);
			g_set_error (error,
				     _("Failed to find a decoder plugin for %s; check your installation"),
			g_free (unesc);

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