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Like I said in the other mail, I think the old rb is awful. So, I don't
think we should release. And releasing just because of the new gst
release wont work either, since mm/gst is not ready yet anyway (see

BTW, if you really want to continue your stuff, and release it anyway,
please be sure to at least follow the HIG.

about your monkeymedia patch - I wont apply it, sorry, because we really
need to wait for the autoplugger to be fixed before release. The current
typefinding hack works for about half of my mp3s.. so we cant release
anyway, if if we had that hack.


On Mon, 2003-02-03 at 17:15, Colin Walters wrote:
> So,
> We really need to make a new release now that GStreamer 0.6.0 is out. 
> We could just do the trivial modifications to the old monkey-media code
> and release, but I have an alternative: release the new monkey-media as
> 0.7.0 and the branch as Rhythmbox 0.4.5.
> The branch is pretty close to release, I think.  The only regressions I
> can think of are that I temporarily took out the toolbar configuration
> item; I will fix that.  I also couldn't figure out how to get the
> Internet Radio preferences to line up like the other one.  And the names
> of some GConf keys changed, but that shouldn't be a big deal.
> If this makes sense I will work on moving the branch back to GNOME CVS,
> so we can get some translations and stuff before release.
> For ease of testing I've put up a tarball here:
> You will need monkey-media CVS, and for internet radio to work you will
> need the monkey-media patch I posted here yesterday.
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