Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Monkey-media and library backend

Il dom, 2003-04-06 alle 20:02, Dave Rigby ha scritto:
> Hi rhythmbox developers,

Well, I'm not a developer, just a translator, user, "tester" and
suggestor, but...

> In case you didn't know, a numbr of people have become interested in 
> getting involved in rhythmbox, and trying to get development going again 
> - see the forum threads below:

Cool, I'll read it

> 1. Library backend - People have said that rb CVS has quite a mature 
> backend, how true is this? what features does rb have over net-rb?
> 2. Monkey-media - The HEAD cvs has support for a xine backend, what 
> other changes does it have compared to the snapsot in net-rb? What 
> changes has the snapshot in net-rb had done to it?

Jorn? Where are you?

> I want to steer clear of the UI issue for now, but as a general point if 
> people wanted to change the rb HEAD to an interface similar to net-rb 
> (discounting the additional features that net-rb currently has), how 
> difficult to you think that would be?

I see a net-rb shot on Jan/Feb. It was just (about UI) a rb 0.4.x, while
the rb HEAD have a "test UI"

So switch should be simple.

Real trouble is: the rb 0.4 UI is very buggy (well, HEAD too
There are a lot of discussions in rb list and, if I remember well, in
the gnome usability (November 2002 or so) about its troubles and
plausible solution: the last solution is build something like an evolved
xmms: a main window with playing controls and available tracks with
secondary windows to load track list.

Unfortunately some people like the ALL_IN_ONE solution (bad: requires
interface changes switching from sources), other don't.

Personally I think that follow the UNIX philosophy is the best way:
actually a Music Player is a lacking feature of GNOME project, and to
have quickly a small, efficient, library_and_playlist oriented music
files player is better than a complete one. 

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