[Rhythmbox-devel] (net) rhythmbox development

Hi Guys,

I've recently finished a huge third year project, and so now have some 
time on my hands, which I thought I might help out on rhythmbox. However 
looking at the mailing lists, Changelogs etc I've found there's been a 
fork, with net-rhythmbox being the only one I can get to actually work 
to any extent from cvs HEAD. I've got a few big things I'd like to do 
work on (portable mp3 player integration being the main one) but first 
I'd like to fix some small bugs, and add minor things, to get a feel for 
the project.

Now the main reason I'm emailing you is to tru and get soem idea about 
the direction that rhythmbox and net-rhythmbox are going.
Where does monkey-media fit in? - as an example I've found that the 
snapshot of monkey-media in netrb CVS doesn't get the information on a 
variable bit-rate mp3 right - now I could submit a patch to fix this, 
but does it go to monkey-media CVS, or is that 'dead' like the main 
rhythmbox branch?

Is rhythmbox main 'dead', or is it just resting?

Basically I'd really like to get involved in the general rhythmbox 
development, but I'd like to have I idea of whee all these different 
parts (monkey-media, rhythmbox and net-rhythmbox) all fit in, and what 
(if any) the general direction is....


Dave Rigby

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