Release evolution-rss through GNOME infrastructure

for a background: there is an evolution-rss module in GNOME's git. It
was not released for a long time, possibly due to the original
maintainer being gone. I do not want to close/archive it, because it's
used by the users. I prepared a new release and when I wanted to
release it to GNOME's FTP, I realized it was never released through the
GNOME infrastructure. I recalled that the original maintainer had a
special page for its releases. I do not have access to that page. Note,
I'm not going to take over the project, I'm just keeping it running for
the users.

My question: would it be okay to release evolution-rss through GNOME
infrastructure? I guess it will be okay, but I want to be sure.

Just in case, with GNOME infrastructure I mean and its
`ftpadmin install` tool.

        Thanks and bye,

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