Re: folks and gnome-contacts are going to make your lives miserable

2011/9/5 Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com>:
>> > BTW I haven't yet checked if this was reported, but I noticed on a
>> > fresh user you have to start evolution at least one time in order to
>> > have contacts listed in gnome-contacts.
>> This is a known issue and is due to the fact that address book sources
>> (particularly, the ones coming from GOA) in EDS are managed by
>> Evolution, rather than by EDS itself. Evolution has to be started at
>> least once to grab accounts from GOA and push them into EDS.


> Yes, this is right, and unfortunate. Matthew Barnes is working on fixing
> this but it will not really happen until 3.4.

If so, IMHO we should add by now a (ugly and annoying, I know) message
or dialog on first startup. A do-nothing application is not useful :(

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