Re: Fixes for the dark Adwaita GTK+ theme

Le vendredi 25 mars 2011, à 09:49 -0400, Cosimo Cecchi a écrit :
> On Thu, 2011-03-24 at 22:12 -0400, Cosimo Cecchi wrote:
> > Long story short, Jakub tweaked the colormap and the theme SVG assets to
> > look much, much better, and I integrated them in the patch you can find
> > here [1]. If there are no objections, I would like to merge this to
> > gnome-themes-standard master for tomorrow's second release candidate.
> Hi again, an update on this.
> It has been pointed out by members of the design team that, even if we
> didn't ship the proposed fix, we would also need the dark WM theme
> counterpart for this to look really good. The design team thinks that
> without the WM theme, it's better not to ship a dark theme variant at
> all.
> This really changes our options to:
> 1) revert the dark theme completely in master. This would make Totem and
> EOG using the light theme again.
> 2) push this fix and make the dark WM theme work properly too. This
> requires changes in GTK+ and mutter.
> We're currently aiming for 2). The GTK+ fix is already in the gtk-3-0
> branch [1] and Florian is taking care of getting the mutter part
> integrated.

Can we get before/after screenshots to make an informed decision?



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