Re: String change request for Evolution


Le lundi 21 mars 2011, à 00:10 +0000, David Woodhouse a écrit :
> I've diagnosed a bug in Lotus Domino IMAP server that we need to work
> around in Evolution's IMAP client:
> The simple workaround is to disable multi-part fetches and just get the
> whole message in one go. That code path *is* tested, because we were
> doing it for small messages anyway. 
> Doing it for large messages means that the connection is blocked while
> the whole of the message is downloaded, so other, higher-priority user
> requests can't be handled — and it means that the progress indication
> doesn't work. That's why it was never an option before, but it *does*
> suffice to work around the server bug, so it does seem to be necessary.
> So I'd like permission to break the string freeze to add this option.
> If anyone has improved suggestions for the English strings to use, that
> would make me happy.
> I wanted to do a positive option for "Fetch messages in multiple parts,
> to allow better responsiveness", which would default to TRUE. But when
> we upgrade Evolution, any new option will be assumed to be FALSE in any
> pre-existing account. So AFAICT it has to be a *negative* option, along
> the lines of "Fetch messages in one part".

cc'ing gnome-i18n since the i18n team is the one approving string

I guess the configuration also appears in the UI; if yes, you should
notify the doc team too (gnome-doc-list), but that should be fine.

Finally, here's a first approval for hard code freeze break, assuming
translators are happy with the string change.


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