Re: Agenda for hackfest

On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 03:36:42PM +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
>  - Ensure our list of modules is completely up-to-date and documented
>    (including in tarball-conversion.config)

   - Sync Bugzilla classifications with -core and -apps split.

--> If people are set as developer on the releng product (in bugzilla I
mean), they'll be able to do this.

>  - Ensure the release scripts are all working fine

  - Maybe test the new scripts? but that's not really needed. Only the
    release-news thing results in a nicer layout IMO. Rest: better not to
    avoid issues.

>  - Do some full builds to find last-minute issues
>  - Testing to find bugs
>  - Helping and pushing maintainers to fix blockers
>  - Find which modules haven't seen a release in a long time and try to
>    get a rc release for those before 3.0, to make sure latest changes
>    are tested

I can give access to new soon to be machine. The
'ftpadmin' script only requires 'ftpadmin' group and you can (somewhat)
easily copy it to your homedir and modify as needed.

E.g. showing the date/time of the last release would be pretty trivial
with 'ftpadmin'. I already have a 'show-info' subcommand which shows the
last release date and the maintainers for each module.

gnome-session	2011-03-09	vuntz, mccann

Note: it currently might be bad to fully rely on 'ftpadmin'. It caches
the releases and doesn't expect the old 'install-module' to install
things without updating the cache.

I guess I should have the old 'install-module' delete the cache file.


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