Agenda for hackfest


The GNOME 3.0 hackfest in Bangalore is next week, and Frédéric P., Andre
and I will there.

We want to use this hackfest to ensure the release will go smoothly.
Here are a few things we can do during the hackfest; if you have any
other idea, please share them.

 - Ensure our list of modules is completely up-to-date and documented
   (including in tarball-conversion.config)
 - Ensure the release scripts are all working fine
 - Do some full builds to find last-minute issues
 - Testing to find bugs
 - Helping and pushing maintainers to fix blockers
 - Find which modules haven't seen a release in a long time and try to
   get a rc release for those before 3.0, to make sure latest changes
   are tested
 - Double-check plans with other teams about other actions happening
   when 3.0 is out (publishing of announcement, new website, press
   release, etc.)
 - Send call for tarballs



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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