Possible UI freeze break: acccessibility menu in panel

OK, the current time, the accessibility menu in GNOME Shell is a
prominent place revealing quite a bit of stuff that isn't working very
well. Going through the items:

 High Contrast: no implementation for the shell (though it's mostly reasonably
   high contrast to start with except for text colors), GTK+ and icon themes working 
   only sort of OK. 
 Zoom: Works well
 Large Text: Works pretty well
   (shell patch: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=636868))

 Screen Reader:
 Onscreen Keyboard: 
   These are the problematical ones. Some of the issues:

   - Accessibility needs to be turned on with a logout and log back in 
     for these to work. So it doesn't really make a lot of sense to have
     them in a menu. We're not close to having accessibility to a
     state where it can be on by default.
   - The shell integration with screen reading is bad though
     there is basic support for exposing actors to screen reading.
     Screen reading in general is probably not good enough to be something
     we want to make an advertised prominent feature of 3.0.
   - Caribou doesn't integrate properly with GNOME3; it can't handle the
     overview of GNOME Shell, etc. And doesn't match the design we want

 Visual Alerts:
   Not working at the moment, but probably just a Mutter bug that we need
   https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=639765eed to fix in any case.

 Sticky Keys:
 Slow Keys:
 Bounce Keys:
 Mouse keys:
   Not working for me in testing here with 2.91.90 gnome-settings-daemon, but
   should work, and trivial to fix if they don't.

So, basically, our options are:

 * Leave the menu completely as is, fix everything up as well as possible;
   this will mean that people testing GNOME 3 may have bad experiences
   with some of the options.

 * Remove the worst working options:

    Screen Reader
    Screen Keyboard
    Maybe High Contrast

   fix everything else up. This is certainly possible, but does it leave a 
   menu that's prominent in the design but doesn't have a ton of useful stuff
   in it.
 * Remove the accessibility menu entirely. The functionality is still all
   accessible through system settings, it just isn't as exposed and obvious
   to first impressions.

Jon McCann's request is to do the last one. I don't really have an opinion
on the matter myself.

- Owen

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