Re: Possible UI freeze break: acccessibility menu in panel

2011/3/7 Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>
��- Accessibility needs to be turned on with a logout and log back in
� � for these to work.

I remember the initial plan was "a11y turned on by default in GNOME 3"�

� - Caribou doesn't integrate properly with GNOME3; it can't handle the
� � overview of GNOME Shell, etc. And doesn't match the design we want
� �

Not sure about it (while I haven't tested caribou lately). An "assistive tool for mobility impaired people" and a "keyboard on screen" are not the same thing. Do you remember GOK? It is a powerful a11y tool, that allows you to entry text, focus windows, select menu entries and toolbar items even if the only action you can perform is push a switch[1]. And it was poorly (visually) integrated in GNOME 2[2]. If integration means to simply have a�stylish keyboard for tablet, I've to disagree.

�* Leave the menu completely as is, fix everything up as well as possible;
� this will mean that people testing GNOME 3 may have bad experiences
� with some of the options.

By instinct I'm for this. The a11y status icon was introduced as a "major" feature for GNOME 3. This will force us to keep this promise ASAP. But of course I've to admit GNOME 3.0.0 will be a really young release, so the most valuable solution is:
�* Remove the worst working options:

�Cheers, Luca


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