Re: Possible UI freeze break: acccessibility menu in panel

Owen Taylor wrote:

> So, basically, our options are:
>  * Leave the menu completely as is, fix everything up as well as possible;
>    this will mean that people testing GNOME 3 may have bad experiences
>    with some of the options.
>  * Remove the worst working options:
>     Screen Reader
>     Screen Keyboard
>     Maybe High Contrast
>    fix everything else up. This is certainly possible, but does it leave a 
>    menu that's prominent in the design but doesn't have a ton of useful stuff
>    in it.
>  * Remove the accessibility menu entirely. The functionality is still all
>    accessible through system settings, it just isn't as exposed and obvious
>    to first impressions.
> Jon McCann's request is to do the last one. I don't really have an opinion
> on the matter myself.

I would favour the second option (this doesn't prevent fixing the
mentioned items); while our a11y story is far from perfect, having
*working* a11y features directly accessible has been a huge asset when
demonstrating GNOME 3.


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