Next Release-Team meeting

Dear Release Team,

I have seen in the archives you are going to have a meeting in the next
days[1].  One of the topics in the agenda is module reorganization,
where I would like to ask to review the module for accessibility: Orca
(the screen reader).


Currently we have a fallback mode for users who might have hardware
problems to run gnome-shell.  The fallback mode would be useful also for
blind of deaf-blind users (they do not need a display, nor an advanced
graphic card).  However, if we remove ORCA, we would not support those

FWIW, ORCA works fine with GTK+ 3 (you can try it with gtk3-demo), and
the support for WebKit+ has improved a lot since the last hackfest.
Thus, users of epiphany, yelp and empathy can have a better user
experience in comparison with getting stuck with GNOME 2.

Where ORCA fails is in working with gnome-shell. But if we are providing
a fallback mode, ORCA fits there.  Beside it works with the remaining

Another potential issue with ORCA, also related with gnome-shell and the
design conceived, is the number of user options it has. However, these
are not like any other user option: there are different levels and
grades of disabilities than can not be "automatically detected". So, it
is like "what the user want", instead is "the disability the user have";
and, ORCA deals with the second concept.

At last but not least, I know you guys are working hard to get GNOME 3
(the main experience) working (or even compiling or not crashing).
Unfortunately, all a11y applications were put in the same bag in [2].
So, I am asking gently and humbly to you to reconsider the screen reader
ORCA (as a single unit) at the same level as gnome-panel in the fallback


Thanks in advance.


PS: There are more reasons but this email is long enough.

Germán Póo-Caamaño

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