Hey all,

Think we should have another meeting.

 - gnome-applets
 - progress towards GNOME 3.0
    - evolution not using gsettings
    - gnome-shell status (UI freeze, drivers, etc)
 - 3.0 blocker list / pushing development work
 - attendance conference
 - module reorganization
   (rygel, gupnp-dlna)
 - freedesktop specs
   (making sure everything what should be on freedesktop is available
 - others?

The following days work for me at the moment:
  Sat 15 Jan - 17.00 UTC
  Sun 16 Jan - 17.00 UTC
  Sat 22 Jan - 17.00 UTC

Suggest to stick to 1.5 hours maximum. If we would still have lots to
discuss, we should schedule another meeting instead. This to ensure the
meeting is as quick as possible.

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