2.91.5 status


Earlier today, I uploaded 2.91.5 modulesets at

I've run a first build, and nearly everything builds. The exceptions:

  + gobject-introspection 0.10.0. Some issue with the latest glib. It's
    fine in git, and Colin is planning a release.

  + gtkmm 2.91.7. It fails with
    ../gdkmm/display.h:436:3: error: ‘GdkDisplayPointerHooks’ does not name a type
    It might be fixed in git, didn't check.

  + vte 0.27.3. Still uses gtk_quit_add(), fixed in git. So a new
    tarball would be great.

  + gnome-terminal It looks for gtk-builder-convert-3.0, fixed
    in git. Again, a new tarball would be nice.

I haven't tested anything at runtime, though, so maybe it's a
complete disaster ;-) We'll see tomorrow.

I just know of a crasher in glib for gnome-panel, but Matthias was
talking about doing a new glib release with the fix.



Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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