Re: Requesting Freeze Breaks for Orca 3.0.0

Le lundi 04 avril 2011, à 14:15 -0400, Joanmarie Diggs a écrit :
> Hi Release Team (and i18n Team):
> The Orca team has three changes which we'd really like to include in the
> 3.0.0 release today:
> 1. Bug 646547 - typo in src/orca/ 
>    Silly typo and grammar mistake. I suspect the i18n team got it
>    right in their languages. :-) We failed in English, however.

Approval 1 of 2, only if you fix all .po files at the same time, to not
break translations.

> 2. Bug 646475 - Traceback seen with gnome-speech
>    It's a two-line, safe change. And while gnome-speech is deprecated
>    you still find it out there in the distros.

Approval 1 of 2.

> 3. Bug 646288 - Orca needs to set and respond to the appropriate
>    gsettings keys

I'm not sure I understand well: in init(), you are changing the
screen-reader-enabled key to True. I'd expect init() to work only if
screen-reader-enabled is set to True, not init() to set the key. Is this
really right?


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