Requesting Freeze Breaks for Orca 3.0.0

Hi Release Team (and i18n Team):

The Orca team has three changes which we'd really like to include in the
3.0.0 release today:

1. Bug 646547 - typo in src/orca/
   Silly typo and grammar mistake. I suspect the i18n team got it
   right in their languages. :-) We failed in English, however.

2. Bug 646475 - Traceback seen with gnome-speech
   It's a two-line, safe change. And while gnome-speech is deprecated
   you still find it out there in the distros.

3. Bug 646288 - Orca needs to set and respond to the appropriate
   gsettings keys
   This will cause Orca to shut itself off when the UAP screen
   reader off-switch is turned off as well as to change the 
   appropriate gsettings key so that the aforementioned switch
   displays the right thing when users launch Orca via some other
   means. In addition, we caught a couple of instances where we
   were still checking/setting gconf keys. While this is a bigger
   change, it's not huge. And while it will not solve all the
   current accessibility issues, it will make them somewhat less
   pronounced. ;-)

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration of the above!
--joanie, on behalf of the Orca Team

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