Re: Requesting Freeze Breaks for Orca 3.0.0

> > 3. Bug 646288 - Orca needs to set and respond to the appropriate
> >    gsettings keys
> >
> I'm not sure I understand well: in init(), you are changing the
> screen-reader-enabled key to True. I'd expect init() to work only if
> screen-reader-enabled is set to True, not init() to set the key. Is this
> really right?

Most Orca users who are blind will not be using the UAP to toggle the
screen reader on: In order to access the switch to turn the screen
reader on, a user who is blind must have a screen reader on already. Bit
of a cart/horse chicken/egg situation at the moment.

When the switch is turned on by other users in the UAP, an autostart
file launches Orca. When the user launches Orca via terminal window or
run dialog, should we fail to set the key, the UAP switch will say 'off'
even though the screen reader is 'on'.


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