Re: 2.33 schedule draft

Updated .

      * s/2.90/2.91
      * No change: 2.91.2 during the Boston Summit
      * No change: 2.90.6 still in w18
      * new modules proposal period pushed back by two weeks (now week
      * gnome 3.0 preview release added as "2.91.0" (assignee: fredp)
        for week -1, however I prefer to release it for public at the
        same time as 2.32.0 so press can/will cover both (and not just a
        boring 2.32 with only very few news). Is the technical name
        "2.91.0" fine (marketing/press should use "gnome 3.0 preview
        release" of course)?

In case of no feedback I'll publish the draft on d-x-l this Thu or Fri.

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