Re: 2.33 schedule draft

Am Freitag, den 13.08.2010, 13:38 +0200 schrieb Vincent Untz:
>  + do we want to use 2.91 instead of 2.90, as discussed on d-d-l?


>  + 2.90.2 is due on the last of the Boston Summit. I'm wondering if this
>    is an issue or not. I don't really see how we can change this, so
>    maybe we should simply ignore it?
>    (swapping 2.90.2 and 2.32.1 is even worse, imho)

* Move 2.90.2 from w06 to w07
* Move 2.32.1 from w07 to w08
* Move 2.90.3 from w09 to w10

>  + not for 3.0, but for 3.2: I'd like us to stop releasing on the last
>    day of the month. It'd be nice to release at the middle of the month,
>    like we used to do. This will also help distributors a bit, I guess.

* Move 2.90.6 from w18 to w17 (and resp. everything after by 1w)

>  + new modules proposal period starts next Monday. My first reaction was
>    that it's a bit early, especially since we might want to make people
>    focus on making rock-solid the current 3.0 stuff. But on the other
>    hand, that's a good way to keep the 3.0 goal in mind. Are you going
>    to send the mail about this?

I can do that on Monday or Tuesday, IF we agree on something in the
module reorg thread on this mailing list.

>  + I guess we can pre-populate new modules with gnome-shell and mutter?
>    :-)


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