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Le jeudi 05 août 2010, à 20:16 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> Am Montag, den 02.08.2010, 12:25 +0200 schrieb Andre Klapper:
> > at
> Updated as per Matthias' feedback on IRC:
> * Rename 2.33 to 2.90 (is that a problem for library.g.o?)
> * Start earlier with 2.90.x tarballs
> * Only one 2.32.1 release in week7 (instead of week4), maintainers 
>   are free to release a .2 if they really work on 2.32 (but we
>   don't want to encourage them, they should work on 3.0 instead)

Random questions/comments:

 + do we want to use 2.91 instead of 2.90, as discussed on d-d-l?

 + not for 3.0, but for 3.2: I'd like us to stop releasing on the last
   day of the month. It'd be nice to release at the middle of the month,
   like we used to do. This will also help distributors a bit, I guess.

 + 2.90.2 is due on the last of the Boston Summit. I'm wondering if this
   is an issue or not. I don't really see how we can change this, so
   maybe we should simply ignore it?
   (swapping 2.90.2 and 2.32.1 is even worse, imho)

 + new modules proposal period starts next Monday. My first reaction was
   that it's a bit early, especially since we might want to make people
   focus on making rock-solid the current 3.0 stuff. But on the other
   hand, that's a good way to keep the 3.0 goal in mind. Are you going
   to send the mail about this?

 + I guess we can pre-populate new modules with gnome-shell and mutter?


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