Re: Gnash as GNOME flash player ?

On 08/09/10 14:25, Andre Klapper wrote:

>>   Now that Gnash and Lightspark work together, swf v10 works too. So the
>> combo gives us all a reasonably functional and free flash player. Even
>> without Lightspark assistance, Gnash handles 100% of YouTube videos now.
> Can you elaborate a bit how they work together (collaborate?), as I
> haven't followed development in the area of free Flash alternatives?

  It's pretty simple. Since all SWF files have a version number inside
for the format, v10 gets handed off to the Lightspark VM by the plugin,
and any of the older formats get handed off to Gnash. To the end user,
all formats are supported that way. Lightspark is a v10 player only,
Gnash does all the other versions. This is a reasonably new feature, but
it's already been released.

  Gnash is also a GTK and Python plugin too, so it's possible to embed
flash animations in other applications. Sugar uses this for educational

	- rob -

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