Re: Gnash as GNOME flash player ?

Hi Rob,

Glad to hear you are all still busy doing great things with Gnash!

I've cc'ed the release team here. They are the ones that would make this decision.



On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 5:17 PM, Rob Savoye wrote:
Howdy, sorry I missed GUADEC, but we're so broke I can't afford to go
anywhere... :-( I see that GNOME has dropped swfdec, since it's a dead
project, and now ships Gnash with GNOME. If this is true, can we
publically make Gnash the GNOME flash player ? Some positive publicity
can help me with our fund raising.

Broke or not, we are still moving forward with Gnash. Today was our code
freeze, and the next release of 0.8.8 comes out by the end of Aug. We
now support 100% of all YouTube videos, Google video, and others.

       - rob -

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