Re: Problem with gnome-terminal 2.24.1

Le mercredi 22 octobre 2008 à 13:32 +0200, Kenneth Nielsen a écrit :
> > Hi;
> >
> >> I don't fully understand the different solutions here, but don't waste
> >> time explaining that to me, probably somebody else will understand.
> >> Could I just know, how many strings are we talking about, worst case
> >> scenario i.e. for the teams that don't have any previous translations?
> >
> > If we pull in just the schemas it's 2 strings; if we take the UI it's
> > another string, for a total of 3.
> > Times 12, with each string just varying by the number in it, 1 to 12.
> >
> >        Christian
> Well I can't evaluate the importance of the fix, I will leave that to
> someone else. But if it is considered important enough (probably is
> with the regression being in the title and all ;)  ), and it is no
> more than at most 3 strings, (and 33 more with copy and paste) then my
> opinion would be that you should do it whatever is the "right" way,
> risky fixes is not worth it for 3 strings. But I'm not in any of the
> important teams, so this is not a formal approval, just a translator
> opinion.

I would share the opinion of Kenneth, if we were not some hours before
the release.

IMHO, you should retract the patch (rev. 3181) in gnome-2-24 and add it
back for GNOME 2.24.2. That would give time for translators to get back
the strings from 2.22 po files.


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