Re: Moving gnome-vfs to to-be-deprecated part of our platform

On Thu, 2008-01-24 at 08:50 -0200, Johan Dahlin wrote:
> Vincent Untz wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Since we now have gio, I guess everybody agrees that we can move
> > gnome-vfs (and gnome-mime-data, which is a dependency for gnome-vfs) to
> > the to-be-deprecated part of our platform.
> > 
> > To make it clear, it means we're still shipping gnome-vfs in our
> > platform. It's just a way to tell people: "you shouldn't use this in new
> > applications".
> > 
> > I'm also wondering about libglade, since we now have GtkBuilder. Should
> > it be moved there too?
> Maybe.
> There's no support for saving to the GtkBuilder format in glade-3.
> While there is a script to convert from what glade-3 outputs, there might
> be better to wait until glade-3 supports it properly.

Same here. As an early adopter of GtkBuilder (in Totem), I think this is
the single biggest reason to keep on using libglade unfortunately.

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