Re: Moving gnome-vfs to to-be-deprecated part of our platform

Vincent Untz wrote:

Since we now have gio, I guess everybody agrees that we can move
gnome-vfs (and gnome-mime-data, which is a dependency for gnome-vfs) to
the to-be-deprecated part of our platform.

To make it clear, it means we're still shipping gnome-vfs in our
platform. It's just a way to tell people: "you shouldn't use this in new

I'm also wondering about libglade, since we now have GtkBuilder. Should
it be moved there too?

There's no support for saving to the GtkBuilder format in glade-3.
While there is a script to convert from what glade-3 outputs, there might
be better to wait until glade-3 supports it properly.


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