Re: Release Team meeting at the beginning of January

Hi all,

First of all, big thanks to Elijah for the trust!

2008/1/6, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>:
> Hi,
> On Jan 2, 2008 7:03 AM, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
> > ahoj,
> >
> > > > > >                   i propose sunday 6th, 1900 UTC.
> > > So Sunday 6th?
> >
> > Yes.
> >
> > seems like guenther, olav, fcrozat, vuntz and /me have time, that's a
> > majority.
> > let's hope that the date also works fine for J5, elijah and kmaraas.
> Oh, crap, I've got a conflict.  However, it's a conflict that ends at
> 1900 UTC (if I've done the time translation correctly), so with travel
> I should be able to still attend the meeting; just 30-45 minutes
> late...
> Since I'll be late, I'll attach my personal notes about new modules
> decisions to this email (I hope they make sense).
> I've also got an additional item for the agenda: I've asked Lucas
> Rocha if he'd be willing to take my spot on the release team after
> 2.22 is out, assuming the release team votes in favor of letting Lucas
> on the team.  It's been a while since anyone has proposed a
> non-immediate replacement (I think I was the most recent new member of
> the team to be such a case), but I think it'd allow me to handle the
> releases I volunteered for and help Lucas and our other relatively new
> members transition to their new roles.  We could handle it different
> ways, though:
>   - Have Lucas replace me only once 2.22 is out, but let him attend meetings and
>     subscribe to r-t to help him get the feel of things now.  (In
> other words, let him have
>     a transition period like I had, rather than the sudden jump into
> the fray that most
>     team members have received.)
>   - Expand the team temporarily to 9 members; let Lucas vote in the
> meeting tomorrow
>     and be coaxed into volunteering for all the hard tasks.  I remain
> on the team and
>     finish out the stuff I volunteered for, then leave after 2.22 is out.
>   - Have me leave the team now and have Lucas take my place immediately.  Use it
>     as an experiment in trying to distribute the release team work to
> the community
>     better, by having me be a community member doing the couple
> releases I already
>     volunteered for.  (Or maybe have Lucas try to handle one or two of them.)
> I'm fine with any of these options; there may be others as well.  I'd
> also be willing to help the release team out with an occasional point
> release in the future as a normal community member, if you want to
> experiment with distributing that work.

I prefer the second one (expand the team temporarily to 9 members).
This way I can get some basic guidance and potentially assign myself
to some real tasks before 2.22 so that I can be at "full power" and
really contribute to the team in the beginning of the 2.23/2.24
development cycle. Also we would still have Elijah as a r-t member
until 2.22.


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