Re: Release Team meeting at the beginning of January


On Jan 12, 2008 6:18 PM, Lucas Rocha <lucasr gnome org> wrote:
> First of all, big thanks to Elijah for the trust!
> 2008/1/6, Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>:
> > I've also got an additional item for the agenda: I've asked Lucas
> > Rocha if he'd be willing to take my spot on the release team after
> > 2.22 is out, assuming the release team votes in favor of letting Lucas
> > on the team.  It's been a while since anyone has proposed a
> > non-immediate replacement (I think I was the most recent new member of
> > the team to be such a case), but I think it'd allow me to handle the
> > releases I volunteered for and help Lucas and our other relatively new
> > members transition to their new roles.  We could handle it different
> > ways, though:
> >   - Have Lucas replace me only once 2.22 is out, but let him attend meetings and
> >     subscribe to r-t to help him get the feel of things now.  (In
> > other words, let him have
> >     a transition period like I had, rather than the sudden jump into
> > the fray that most
> >     team members have received.)
> >   - Expand the team temporarily to 9 members; let Lucas vote in the
> > meeting tomorrow
> >     and be coaxed into volunteering for all the hard tasks.  I remain
> > on the team and
> >     finish out the stuff I volunteered for, then leave after 2.22 is out.
> >   - Have me leave the team now and have Lucas take my place immediately.  Use it
> >     as an experiment in trying to distribute the release team work to
> > the community
> >     better, by having me be a community member doing the couple
> > releases I already
> >     volunteered for.  (Or maybe have Lucas try to handle one or two of them.)
> > I'm fine with any of these options; there may be others as well.  I'd
> > also be willing to help the release team out with an occasional point
> > release in the future as a normal community member, if you want to
> > experiment with distributing that work.
> I prefer the second one (expand the team temporarily to 9 members).
> This way I can get some basic guidance and potentially assign myself
> to some real tasks before 2.22 so that I can be at "full power" and
> really contribute to the team in the beginning of the 2.23/2.24
> development cycle. Also we would still have Elijah as a r-t member
> until 2.22.

Oops, I forgot to follow up on this after the meeting, didn't I?
Others in the team preferred the first choice and we decided to go
with it.  So, that means that you should sign up for the release-team
mailing list now, Lucas, so that you can watch things going on, and
you'll officially be part of the team when 2.22.0 comes out (which I
have already noted at; you should update
that page when 2.22.0 is released to reflect the planned change).

However, you already have at least one task already.  One of my action
items at the meeting was "make Lucas work on the 2.23/2.24 schedule"
(you can find more details in the meeting minutes[1]).  So, you've
already got one task.  Another I think you should assign yourself is
running through the steps at, other than the
svn commit step and steps that involve (the svn
commit and w.g.o. steps only account for about 2% of the effort).
Then ask any questions you run into.  :-)


[1] Links to release team minutes of past meetings are up at

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