Re: anjuta module inclusion.

Hi Luis,

Le mercredi 09 janvier 2008, à 16:28 -0500, Luis Villa a écrit :
> Oy. I'd have thought we'd have learned from the epiphany/firefox thing
> that sometimes (in the case of extremely complex, highly-specialized
> software) it is better to cut your losses and piggyback on an existing
> popular Free project than to go it ourselves, but I haven't been
> following the thread. :/

I don't think everybody agrees on the epiphany/firefox thing. There's
also abi+gnumeric/OOo. And really, in those cases, there are many people
who are glad to have epiphany, abiword or gnumeric.

Anyway, the main point in my mind is that the people working on anjuta
want to work on anjuta and we can't tell them "stop doing this, please
instead try to get eclipse or whatever to work well inside GNOME".

And people like the GNOMEy anjuta! I don't even think that the question
was "do we want anjuta in?" during this cycle, but it was more something
like "do we want anjuta in now, or a bit later?"


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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