Oops, sorry, forgot to answer your other question.

Frederic Peters wrote:
> Actually, speaking of ordered answers, perhaps question 5 could also
> be converted, as
>  1) I develop code,
>  2) I test (other modules, even though the (d)vcs is less relevant
>     thanks to jhbuild),
>  3) I translate.

This question is designed to gather the kind of contributor the person is.  We
all know "he's a translator", or "he's a doc guy" mean.  People like you,
Andre, Vincent, who don't quite fit in any one single category are the
minority :P.

The relevancy of vcs is asked in the previous questions (are you a maintainer,
are you a developer, do you commit).  I think it's fairly safe to say that
most vcs's are the same if you never commit.


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