Re: 2.25 Schedule Draft

Le samedi 30 août 2008, à 02:53 +0200, Andre Klapper a écrit :
> ...available at .
> Comments appreciated before sending this to d-a-l after 2.23.92 for more
> discussion and flamewars.
> Once again, API/ABI freeze is NOT on a release monday so we have a week
> to work out breakage if needed. Module decision heat-up is on Jan5 which
> means that there's 7-13 days left for discussions. Should be enough if
> there's some valuable pre-discussion at the time when modules get
> proposed. Devs couldn't fix important issues brought up that late
> anyway.

So I like that we have again two weeks between beta 2 and RC. It's a bit
weird that we lose two weeks in the development cycle before the
announcement periods. I guess that's because we're going back to our
26-weeks schedule and because of the first point, though.

Looks generally fine to me.



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