2.25 Schedule Draft

...available at http://live.gnome.org/AndreKlapper/Sched1 .

Comments appreciated before sending this to d-a-l after 2.23.92 for more
discussion and flamewars.

Once again, API/ABI freeze is NOT on a release monday so we have a week
to work out breakage if needed. Module decision heat-up is on Jan5 which
means that there's 7-13 days left for discussions. Should be enough if
there's some valuable pre-discussion at the time when modules get
proposed. Devs couldn't fix important issues brought up that late

I've fixed most of the wiki markup issues in libschedule.py, but still
haven't found out how to create a linebreak in wiki syntax (wiki.py).
[[BR]] does not work anymore.

Done with my GNOME todo-list for this weekend, now only gdm decision

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