PROPOSAL: Upgrading every RHEL server to RHEL5 on Sun April 1st

I propose to upgrade every RHEL server from RHEL3/4 to RHEL5 on Sunday
April 1 2007. Very likely things will break, that is why I NEED
additional sysadmins to standby.

The servers involved (
 * container, our NFS server, serving files for the other RHEL servers
 * menubar, our mail and DNS server
 * window, containing loads of websites (,, etc, etc)
 * button, containing MySQL and mango
 * label, containing moinmoin (wiki sites like
 * box, containing and LDAP (hosts our accounts)

I can handle Bugzilla, DNS, moinmoin, window, mail, MySQL. I want
sysadmins for the rest (NFS, LDAP).

What might not be down:
 * socket, containing (mail will be though)
 * progress, containing i18n overview
 * socket, monitors the websites

Why April 1st:
 * Sunday, so hopefully less people who are affected by the downtime
 * 1 week before 2.18.1 release (
 * long enough after 2.18.0 release
 * nice date

When announcing, we have to announce it as 2, perhaps 3 day outage. This
is how much downtime I expect before the main services are back up.

Matthew: Will you be available at that date? Preferably somewhere early
in the morning.
release-team: objections?
sysadmins: available? suggestions/objections?


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