Re: PROPOSAL: Upgrading every RHEL server to RHEL5 on Sun April 1st

> Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 22:13:32 +0100
> From: Olav Vitters <olav bkor dhs org>
> To: gnome-sysadmin gnome org, owen bkor dhs org,
>     Matthew Galgoci <mgalgoci redhat com>
> Cc: release-team gnome org
> Subject: PROPOSAL: Upgrading every RHEL server to RHEL5 on Sun April 1st
> I propose to upgrade every RHEL server from RHEL3/4 to RHEL5 on Sunday
> April 1 2007. Very likely things will break, that is why I NEED
> additional sysadmins to standby.
> The servers involved (
>  * container, our NFS server, serving files for the other RHEL servers
>  * menubar, our mail and DNS server
>  * window, containing loads of websites (,
>, etc, etc)
>  * button, containing MySQL and mango
>  * label, containing moinmoin (wiki sites like
>  * box, containing and LDAP (hosts our accounts)
> I can handle Bugzilla, DNS, moinmoin, window, mail, MySQL. I want
> sysadmins for the rest (NFS, LDAP).
> What might not be down:
>  * socket, containing (mail will be though)
>  * progress, containing i18n overview
>  * socket, monitors the websites
> Why April 1st:
>  * Sunday, so hopefully less people who are affected by the downtime
>  * 1 week before 2.18.1 release (
>  * long enough after 2.18.0 release
>  * nice date
> When announcing, we have to announce it as 2, perhaps 3 day outage. This
> is how much downtime I expect before the main services are back up.
> Questions:
> Matthew: Will you be available at that date? Preferably somewhere early
> in the morning.
> release-team: objections?
> sysadmins: available? suggestions/objections?

I will not be onsite, but I should be able to work remotely. I need for you
to dictate to me how the machines should be installed and leave the
installations to me.

As of now, sunday april 1 is clear. I would like to start no earlier than
noon EDT because the NOC staff will not be there before then should we need
NOC intervention.

I would like to see some kind of service migration plan for the outage. I think
we could do rolling updates, where we migrate services from one machine to
another, then reinstall the OS, then migrate services back, and so on.

Matthew Galgoci
GIS Production Operations
Red Hat, Inc
919.754.3700 x44155

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