Re: PROPOSAL: Upgrading every RHEL server to RHEL5 on Sun April 1st

Olav Vitters wrote:
I propose to upgrade every RHEL server from RHEL3/4 to RHEL5 on Sunday
April 1 2007. Very likely things will break, that is why I NEED
additional sysadmins to standby.

A very brave and worthy proposal :) I'll make myself available on IRC during from the Saturday, and try to help out as directed.

I'm GMT+0700 atm so I'll probably be the first to come and the first to go. In fact, I'm not even sure I'll be around at the same time as the rest of you, so I might end up being the 'out-of-hours' response during that period.

The servers involved (
 * container, our NFS server, serving files for the other RHEL servers
 * menubar, our mail and DNS server
 * window, containing loads of websites (,, etc, etc)
 * button, containing MySQL and mango
 * label, containing moinmoin (wiki sites like
 * box, containing and LDAP (hosts our accounts)

I can handle Bugzilla, DNS, moinmoin, window, mail, MySQL. I want
sysadmins for the rest (NFS, LDAP).

NFS and LDAP shouldn't be a problem. I can check/update/fix them as required.

sysadmins: available? suggestions/objections?

No objections from me. A big +1.

Obviously, probably worth announcing it on the main dev announce lists and putting it in the /topic on #gnome and #gnome-hackers at least a week in advance so no-one can pretend they didn't know :) Oh, and probably worth asking Owen to do a final check of the backups on the Saturday - just in case.



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