Re: External Deps: update pwlib and opal version


Le mardi 19 juin 2007 �3:14 +0200, guenther a �it :
> > I must admit I am a bit confused about what I am supposed to do now...
> Roll unstable Ekiga tarballs. (At least that's how I understand this.)
> If the next stable Ekiga branch is targetted for the next stable GNOME
> branch, we do need unstable tarballs being released during the unstable
> GNOME cycle.
> You don't have to strictly follow the GNOME release schedule [1],
> pushing tarballs for each and every release -- however, unstable
> releases are necessary. Certainly for Ekiga, which is part of the
> desktop suite. Likely for opal and pwlib, too. (Which you are likely to
> roll anyway, according to your previous comments about Ekiga trunk
> depending on opal/pwlib trunk.) Not sure how strict the rules are for
> external deps, though. Also, it depends on the targeted versions for
> inclusion in 2.20.

We had foreseen Ekiga 3.00, but it could be postponed for 2.22. The
features freeze comes earlier than what I thought.

If it is the case, we will retarget and offer the latest stable as part

> As for when to release unstable tarballs: At any time you feel necessary
> or worthwhile. However, a good time for releases is the Monday [1] right
> before the next unstable GNOME release -- which, unfortunately, would
> have been yesterday...
> HTH. Is that what you are wondering about? Or did I just not get your
> question? ;)

It is ok, thanks !
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