Re: GNOME 2.17 dependency: gamin 0.1.7 -> 0.1.8 ?

On 1/24/07, Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> wrote:
 I see gamin 0.1.8 on that page, so I don't understand what you mean,
maybe someone else did the update ?

I updated it yesterday in response to this thread, i.e. after Murray
proposed it.

W.r.t. "make a good case for it on desktop-devel-list" I'm afraid I not

It's not really like new module proposals.  A good case for it may be
as simple as "there's <nasty bug> with x.y.z affecting other modules,
x.y.z+1 fixes those bugs".  (Though words about backwards
compatibility and assurance that it doesn't cause build issues help.)
Bugfix releases can be easily okayed, as evidenced by the quick update
to gamin 0.1.8.  :)  There's a proposal to make micro releases more
automatic (for stable modules) as well.  Also, it need not be you that
does such proposals; others who use your libraries (e.g. Murray) can
take care of it.

tempted to go there, and must admit I feel the same for libxml2 and
libxslt. I assume as long as other people care the status quo is just fine.

libxml2 and libxslt are part of the GNOME platform, not external
dependencies.  Thus they fall under a different set of rules (in
particular, we try to aggressively track latest releases for platform
and desktop modules automatically since maintainers have committed to
making things work for GNOME by being in the release sets.)

Also note that libxml2 and libxslt upstream releases are now uploaded
on only (I got an issue once trying to cancel
a broken release on the gnome FTP servers and will now stick to a server
on which I have complete control, I also want to have the signed source
RPM with my PGP key date and host of packaging embedded available on the
main server). But that should not really be a problem, in general libxml2
and libxslt are packaged as part of the OS, and I doubt GNOME really relies
on features from the latest versions at any point in time.

That's really unfortunate.  Is there anything we can do to convince
you otherwise?  Perhaps we need to have a conversation with the
sysadmins?  libxml2 and libxslt are part of the GNOME platform, and
our release sets are defined in terms of ftp releases on  If the libxml2 and libxslt packages aren't uploaded to
f.g.o., we can't have them be part of the release (or else have to
stick with old versions).  It looks like Kjartan went ahead and
uploaded the most recent versions of those modules to f.g.o. right
now, so we've avoided the issue for now.  But it'd be really nice to
fix this issue.


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