Re: GNOME 2.17 dependency: gamin 0.1.7 -> 0.1.8 ?

On 1/23/07, Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> wrote:
> We're allowing external dependencies to be updated at any time during
> the cycle.  Though, of course, safeness of the bump ("is it a bugfix
> release or something more?") becomes a big factor in the decision once
> we start hitting freezes.

  just FYI, gamin 0.1.8 was released Oct 31 2006

Just FYI, allowed external dependencies of GNOME modules are no longer
updated unless proposed according to the rules at  Release
date of said modules thus isn't really relevant (unless, of course,
dealing with unstable versions of external dependencies in which case
the planned stable release date is very important).

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