Re: glade 3 UI freeze break request

On Tue, 2007-08-21 at 20:40 -0600, Elijah Newren wrote:
> I hope this doesn't come across as bashing either, as I think you are
> doing great work.  I am a little worried that there's a missing
> understanding of the handling and importance of freezes.  Obviously,
> half an hour to write a freeze break request would be excessive;
> perhaps you just threw out that number because I missed the scope of
> this bug and your change turns out to be relatively innocuous.  I
> don't know.  But, I do believe that the freeze shouldn't be broken
> until approved; if you don't have more time and energy than a quick
> holler for breaking a freeze, then it's probably best to just let the
> freeze remain in place.

You should decide that for yourselves - I'm not going to be
missing out on that dialog anyway, I'm just trying to be nice
and do my part by requesting the freeze break so that people
who do want the dialog in a stable release - get it.

Anyway, this whole discussion was probably sparked (and then
blown out of proportion) simply because the feature was 
available in svn before the break was approved - I made it
clear that no such code would be released and if people 
got offended then I dont know what to tell them, I was 
in a hurry and I had to make the call before leaving town
for the week.

> Also, we don't in general act to deny requests; in fact, no one
> release team member can really ensure a request is denied, since any
> two r-t member approvals will change it from denied (the default) to
> approved.  Anyway, Frederic gave one somewhat tentative approval, but
> no one else did.  So this never received the necessary approvals.
> Please go ahead and disable/revert.

Yes I did that immediately, sorry for not following up.


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