Re: gok 1.0.9 available!

On 5/12/06, David Bolter <david bolter utoronto ca> wrote:
>> What is the recommended procedure for uploading tarballs right now?

Did you mean 'using the install-module script on the gnome servers' or
something else?  This is probably something that should show up on; I've been meaning to write up
a more thorough expectations-of-maintainers kind of document for a
while now, someday I might just get around to it.

>> Are module maintainers supposed to be uploading tarball releases for
>> gnome 2.14 or gnome 2.15 or both?

If your module has no code changes and no documentation
updates/additions and no translation updates, then it's okay to ignore
a given 2.x.y release.  Otherwise, you should try to make a release
with each gnome 2.x.y release, both stable and unstable.  We
understand that it's sometimes difficult and not all modules (even
those that attempt to follow the gnome release schedule) do that yet.

>> And if both, how are we supposed to distinguish?  Does anyone do both?

I'd say that most modules probably do both.  Modules which use the
same 2.x versioning of Gnome tend to be the easiest to distinguish and
cause the fewest errors on our part.  Of course, not all modules do
that and there have been multiple cases where it has been difficult
for us to determine which module releases to use in a Gnome release
(we do anything from looking at ChangeLogs to pinging maintainers to
try to figure it out).

> You can upload any version of any tarball - the release team sorts them into
> the release directories. Uploads from maintainers go into each tarball's
> source directory, whatever the version. :-)

OK, so I suppose the module MAJOR_VERSION.MINOR_VERSION is generally
mapped to a gnome MAJOR_VERSION.MINOR_VERSION?  So I could tell you guys:

put gok-1.0.X tarballs in gnome 2.14 and
put gok-1.1.X tarballs in gnome 2.15

Yes.  We've often tried to sort things out by hand and even checked
ChangeLogs and such to try to figure out these kinds of things on our
own before.  Being told which versions map to what definitely helps.

Perhaps it would be saner to change gok versions to 2.14.x and 2.15.x?

That would make things much easier for us, and reduce the likelihood
of errors on our part.

Or does that cause political issues for non-gnome environments?

I don't see why it would; it's just a version number.  Unless you had
a special meaning associated with the number that others were already
relying upon, that is.

Hope that helps,

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