Re: po/LINGUAS revisited

Le mardi 09 mai 2006 �0:31 -0400, Matthias Clasen a �it :
> I tried to get Gnome 2.15.1 into rawhide today, but mostly failed.
> Many of the 2.15.1 tarballs
> a) contain no translations at all
> b) require a cvs  version of intltool
> this may not affect English-speaking jhbuild users much, but
> it pretty much precludes packaging 2.15, thus reducing the
> test base considerably. Can we please try to ensure for
> 2.15.2 that
> a) configure scripts do not depend on unreleased tool versions
> b) make sure that tarballs contain translations

Yesterday, I talked with Rodney about getting a new intltool release for
2.15.2 and asked what's blocking it. He'd like to fix a bug [1] before
the release.



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