Re: [draft] Module decisions for GNOME 2.14

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 13:43 -0700, Elijah Newren wrote:

> I disagree that it's inappropriate to add another library to our sets;
> I was thinking of writing one for 2.16 that I think we need, and I'm
> sure there's other libraries that would be great to add.  Now, it may
> not be appropriate to add libsexy, but that's much different.  Also, I
> was mainly against its inclusion on the basis that it's really late in
> the cycle and between this issue and UI guidelines for notifications
> we may as well wait.

libsexy is some dude's cool widgets thrown into a library [1].

Just how many of those does libnotify need?  Can they live in libnotify
for now?

Let's not add yet another random dependency to the stack --- in three
years, we'll have Project Ridley Version Two to get rid of libsexy
anyway, because those widgets will have become unmaintained.

If the widgets get polished enough *AND* are generally useful *AND* get
documented, we can push them easily into GTK+.  If they are really
special-purpose, they deserve to be just where they are needed.

[1] Yes, they are very cool and all that.


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