[draft] Module decisions for GNOME 2.14

Here's the draft. I'll send it in a few hours if there's no objection.


Hi all,

The release team met today to talk about all the current issues. Here
are our conclusions.

New modules:

  + gnome-power-manager: people like it, but some mor work is needed,
    and more integration should be done. It won't go in for 2.14, but
    we'd like to see a good integration work starting soon for 2.16.

  + libnotify/notification-daemon: it depends on libsexy. The general
    consensus in the release team is that it's not appropriate to add
    another library to our sets. It was also pointed out that maybe
    libnotify should leave deeper in our stack (maybe in GTK+?). So
    won't go in for 2.14.

  + gnome-screensaver: there are some concerns about a possible
    slowness. People pointed out that it was most probably related
    to a fontconfig bug. We'll look in one week if everything is
    okay. Will go in if it's the case.

  + for reference, other proposed modules that were previously accepted:
    pyorbit, deskbar-applet, fast-user-switch-applet,
    gnome-python-desktop, pessulus, sabayon

Issues in other modules:

  + glib/pango: we'll ship the new version (2.10/1.12)

  + gtk-engines: it's up to the maintainers to decide what to do.
    They'll look at the concerns that were sent on the lists and
    state what is their decision.

  + gnome-icon-theme: we fully support the adoption of the new icon
    naming spec. However the change happened too late for this cycle. We
    will ship with the 2.12 versions of gnome-icon-theme for GNOME 2.14
    and encourage people to switch to the new version as soon as work
    for 2.16 happen.

  + GStreamer: current plan still is to go with 0.10. Benefits of the
    new version outweighs the not-yet-ported plugins. We encourage
    GStreamer people to continue their work on the remaining



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