Re: Minutes of the 2006/02/10 meeting

On Fri, 2006-02-10 at 20:53 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Attendance
> ==========
>  + Fr�ric Crozat
>  + Elijah Newren
>  + John Palmieri
>  + Vincent Untz
>  + Luis Villa
>  + Jeff Waugh

Fuck.  I evidently missed the reminder mail, and missed the meeting.
Apologies to all.

>    - libnotify/notification-daemon: depends on libsexy. Consensus is
>      that libsexy (and even libnotify) needs to be integrated in our
>      stack. Not added like this.

We have a few non-platform, desktop-only libraries who are widely used
in the desktop itself.  But they are not bound by the API/ABI rules, so
they become a pain in the ass when someone decides to change something.

Libnotify is special in that it should absolutely be part of the

Should we scrub the desktop moduleset on every release cycle to see
which libraries should be made part of the platform?

>    - gnome-icon-theme: we support the switch to the icon name spec,
> but
>      it happened really too late in the cycle. It breaks UI in some
>      places, but we have no way to know where. We'll ship with the
> 2.12
>      version.

Dobey said he would revert it next week if he is not able to fix all the
remaining issues this week.  Since it is already Friday, we can ask him
to revert.

We *still* need to re-test a bunch of apps and libraries that got
changes to use the new naming spec with a fallback to the old one.


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